Janov - Bohemian Switzerland

Janov is een Tsjechische gemeente in de regio Ústí nad Labem, en maakt deel uit van het district Děčín. Janov telt 263 inwoners.

Janov is part of the Protected landscape area of Labské pískovce, its located on the edge of the National Park České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland). In the neighborhood, you can find:
• The famous Gorge (canyon of the river of Kamenice with rich sandstone decoration, where humourous boatmen impress your imagination). It is 2km fr om the hotel.
• Pravčická Brána, symbol of the national park. 16 m high and 26 m wide stone bridge, the largest in Europe. You definately must see that.
The whole area is covered by a network of hiking and biking trails. Not only those, who love to overcome the relatively large height differences over short distances will likeit, but its enjoyed by others who are here looking for rest and relaxation.Also mountaineers will like it.

NIEUWU Zeleného stromu  - Janov

U Zeleného stromu

A small family-run hotel, in the quiet village of Janov - on the edge of the National Park České Švýcarsko (Czech Switzerland). Hotel offer domestic cuisine and comfortable accommodation for individuals, families with children and also... [ meer ]